ICTMT 09: Demonstrating, Guiding, and Analyzing Processes in DGS

Veröffentlicht: Sonntag, Juli 12, 2009 in Jacareto

Auf der ICTMT 09 in Metz (Frankreich) haben Ulli Kortenkamp und ich einen Vortrag über die Verbindung von Jacareto/CleverPHL und dynamischen Geometriesystemen (DGS; z.B. Cinderella) gehalten. Dabei haben wir gezeigt, wie man mit CleverPHL in DGS Prozesse vorführen, lenken und analysieren kann. Der Artikel ist online, auch die Folien und natürlich eine Wiki-Diskussion (die bislang noch leer ist, also bitte kommentiert! :-)) Und darum ging’s im Detail:

Demonstrating, Guiding, and Analyzing Processes in Dynamic Geometry Systems

Process-oriented mathematics education focuses on learning processes rather than on their outcomes only. These processes should be monitored, guided and supported by the teacher. In addition, feedback should be given on the students’ activities, not only on their results. Groups of 30 (school) up to more than 600 (university) learners render it impossible to support processes without appropriate technology. This paper describes the tool CleverPHL that allows for designing process-oriented learning scenarios. Its features are demonstrated with dynamic geometry systems (DGS):

  • Actions can be recorded and replayed in order to exemplify processes (process-oriented worked examples).
  • Incomplete process demonstrations can be given, and students can be asked to complete them (process-oriented completion problems).
  • Processes can be guided by reducing the interface complexity of the DGS or by highlighting elements and drawing directly on the interface of the DGS.
  • Recordings can be analyzed using CleverPHL. Records are automatically structured on different levels, and parts of the process can then be selected for replay. Recorded and structured records can also serve as information basis for feedback and reflections.

Educational applications are demonstrated and the technical background is explained. In addition, ideas and first prototypes for future developments are shown.

  1. cspannagel sagt:

    Ergänzung: Hier sind noch die Fotos, die ich in Metz geschossen habe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cspannagel/tags/ictmt09/

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